These words reveal the child’s inner needs: „Help me to do it alone”.

– Maria Montessori

Learning is the focus at the Montessori International School. As reflected in our Learning Principles, students and teachers are actively engaged in inquiry, exploration, research, dialogue, collaboration, and creativity.

We value your child’s Intellectual Curiosity

We offer many opportunities for learning outside of the classroom, through field trips, excursions and meetings. Students are encouraged to share ideas concerning their learning, explore topics freely and actively participate in the design of their personal goals.

The Montessori International School’s environment creates an atmosphere of safety, trust, and endless opportunities for personal growth. The teachers in Montessori do not overwhelm children with their authority; they respect each child and thus set the example for them to follow. That instills a sense of responsibility and integrity for children and empowers them as conscious learners and critical thinkers.

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